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About KingLai Long Range Wireless Control Technology Company

A Wireless remote control switch is an electric switch which is controlled by a radio or other signal and does not require an operator to touch the switch is known as a wireless remote control switch. The remote control device,if electrically operated,uses batteries with a low, safe, voltage. Such a switch avoids the risk of electric shock.if a user touches a switch with wet hands, and allows switching apparatus from a location without a wired switch.
We are a professional wireless module communication company which specilized in researching and making many different kinds wireless remote control switch for different application fields in last TEN years.With SIX different series remote and hundreds of kinds receivers set together,90% fields electric power ON/OFF is applicable.

Long term target:
Built in 5G/IoT network and Satellite network to control any equipment in every corner on the Earth.

Evoluted application:
All transmitters and receivers can be set in Self Organizing Networks.this function can assure safe control when without any other network.

Focus Future:
Disaster Early Warning; Super IoT alert;  Counter (Artificial Intelligence) AI.

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